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Artworks by AlchemicPet

Welcome to exclusive RenderPunks collection. All the NFT art is created by AlchemicPet. VFX professional artist working in computer graphics for over 20 years. Collection for fans of Punks, rendered graphics and NFTs in general.


How do I get a RenderPunk?

On the RenderPunks Opensea, you can buy one from there.

The RenderPunks Youtube channel

The RenderPunks is a visionary project. Our goal always was to make animated shows. We managed to make 5 videos that are released for free on Youtube. We wanted to popularize NFTs in best way we could. Rendered Trailers for our NFT collection where also viewed on Instagram more than 100K views. Every trailer is different in its own way. Subscribe to our channel to support our project. Thank you!

Our Discord server

We have a discord server where you can ask questions, provide feedback, report broken metadata, and more!


The RenderPunks team is expanding and is currently working on a new collection that will be airdropped to ALL current holders of RenderPunks, the collection will be on ERC-721A.

RenderPunks Gallery

Gallery showing off some of my favourite RenderPunks

RenderPunks Members Art Gallery

Gallery of the art the members of RenderPunks created in our creative contests

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